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Design Services

More than just an upload

Promo Logic is here to help you showcase your brand in ways you never thought possible. Once we have your logo in the correct format – we are here to help you devise a plan that will create a branding experience your customers will actually WANT to use and keep. We will explore ideas through all of our decoration methods and resources to find the best path for your marketing. In that research, Promo Logic also has the expertise to solidify the color theory that tells your story. We will enhance your identity while making your product pop with complementary color suggestions. Finally, our out-ofthe- box thinking will take your promotional goals to the next level. Working with our design services team, together we will develop a unique, one-of-akind, completely customized product. This will expand your brand and add personality to your marketing campaign.

Make sure you take full advantage of ALL of the design services Promo Logic has to offer. Putting your logo on any stock product may not be the best promotional plan – make sure you have explored all of your options to make an informed decison. Requirements

  • Requirements

    To get a good product you must start with good art. We need your high-resolution logo in .eps, .ai, pdf, jpg formats to get started on your project. Send us what you have and we will make sure you have the best possible logo format. If needed, we can convert your logo into any needed format so you can take full advantage of what Promo Logic has to offer. Don’t sweat the small stuff – we will help you get your art pressready.

  • Explore Ideas

    Screen print, emboss, deboss,
    sublimation, custom mold? Which
    process is the way to go? Promo
    Logic is here to help you explore
    ALL of the options to market your
    brand. We will make sure that the
    method you choose will be the
    best way to achieve your goal.
    We are here to bring your idea
    to life in ways you may not have

  • Color Theory

    Choosing colors is not easy. It takes a good eye to know what works together. Each decoration method uses color differently. Promo Logic has the experience to help you decide on the most effective color combinations for your brand, taking into account which printing method you will use. Our team’s understanding of color theory will ensure your brand is easy to read and still exciting for the viewer.

  • Out-of-the-Box

    Above is an example of out-ofthe- box thinking. This project required total design creativity, from custom products, to custom packaging, to custom presentation. Our design team will help you navigate the endless options available to achieve the most engaging and innovative product to represent your brand.