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Channel Sales Incentives

Boost up your sales and your profits

We provide a variety of points-based reward programs that can provide you:

• An astounding variety of tempting and alluring reward items that will encourage all to take part
• Efficient and effective management and implementation of user friendly experience

Promo Logic’s Sale Incentives Programs can help you achieve your business goals in countless ways. These include:
• You can allocate points for all resellers and distributors based on how well they promote your product or brand
• The distributor can utilize the program to boost sales by allocating points to his customer when they buy your product or use your services
• You can award points to those who take part in surveys and quizzes related to your products and services
• You can communicate special offers, latest promotions and all other innovations with reward points as an incentive
• You can encourage your end-customers to sign up using online account portals, email subscriptions or text alerts with the reward points incentive
The choices are endless and you can link up all that you want your customers to do with the reward points incentive to encourage them to participate

Why Choose Promo Logic?

When you’re sending out a reward, it will represent your brand. When you’re building a strong representation of your brand, you need a quality program that builds confidence among your distributors. We will ensure your participants receive excellent quality at their doorstep. We will provide them with an up-to-date and enticing variety of gift items that include house décor and appliances, travel gear, electronics and gadgets, jewelry and other items they might want to indulge in.

What really sets us apart in the industry is our decades of experience in handling diverse industries and companies, and a profound know-how about what really drives up the sales in each market. Promo Logic services customers in virtually every conceivable industry, including construction, technology, collegiate education, electric components, automobile components, healthcare, and many more. We are constantly striving to help our clients design an effective and motivating sales incentive program that best fits their business visions, objectives and KPIs.

We make sure all your reward fulfilments are managed with great care and expertise, and they are shipped to your participants with diligent care. Moreover, our in-house customer care service is dedicated to ensure the satisfaction of your participants.

Do you want us to help you design an effective sales incentive program to boost up your channel revenues and your brand promotions? Call us now, (866-903-5646).