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Wellness Programs

Healthy = Happy

Recent statistics by the U.S. Bureau of Labor have revealed that American companies are incurring an average cost of $2.31 for the health, life and disability insurance of each and every employee hour. With such rising costs, it is only ideal that organizations consider developing their very own onsite health and wellness programs, and encouraging employees to take part with incentives.

A health and wellness program is essential to ensure the good health and fitness of your employees, and consequently, promote a low absenteeism rate and greater productivity in your organization. You can help your employees get rid of many of their unhealthy habits and weight related illnesses, and naturally, insurance claims should lower.

Promo Logic has experience designing effective and efficient wellness incentive programs that have brought about remarkably measurable results, and excelled at catering to the fitness needs of employees. With our team’s assistance in the implementation of your wellness program, you can rest assured of all sensitive and urgent fitness concerns. We can also help you encourage and entice your employees with rewards for going to the gym three days every week for an entire month, or year perhaps, or ensuring annual employees take advantage of annual health examinations. The possibilities are endless, and we are here to help you pick out the best one.

Thousands of businesses have discovered the cost-effective and measurable results of wellness programs, and their effectiveness when they are endorsed throughout the organization as an incentive based program. Needless to say, the dramatic reduction in absenteeism rates and health insurance costs is advantageous to all organizations.

Allow us to offer our assistance in adopting the best possible wellness incentives and fitness promotions within your company. We will make sure all your requirements and design needs are taken well care of within your allocated budget.

Do you want to discover the remarkable benefits of our wellness programs? Promo Logic can help you engage your employees in an immersive incentive program that will encourage them to take part and take up healthy habits that will keep them fit. Call us now, (866-903-5646)