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Service Award Programs

Promote Long-Term Employment

Loyalty is one of the precious things that does not come with a price tag. The only way to reward loyalty is to return it. Recent statistics revealed by the U.S. Bureau of Labor show employees spend an average of 4.4 years with an organization before taking up another job. Keeping this average employment life in mind, businesses are compelled to consider the costs of training workers in order to incorporate them well in the organization’s culture and understanding the inner workings of your business. Besides, when an employee has decided to change their job or profession, their dedication, innovation and output are lost to the business. So, are employers really getting the quality they seek from their employees?

The Carrot Principle, a remarkable guide on management, reveals that around 4 out of every 5 employees leave their jobs due to under appreciation and lack of motivation. The best way to get past this lack of quality and to get quality output from employees is to retain loyal and hardworking people in the organization.

The objective behind a “Years of Service” award program is to promote long-term employment in your business. It is a morale boaster for loyal and dedicated employees, and it shows the commitment an organization is offering its workers. When you recognize the hard work put in by your employees, and reward them for their services, you set a standard of appreciation in your entire workforce. It will be a great morale booster for those who receive it, and those who don’t would want to continue their employment and garner such appreciation for themselves. But in order to make sure it works, the Years of Service award program must have ample importance & emphasis within your organization.

With our decades of experience and know-how about the most applauded practices, we have compiled a list of the best ways you can bestow these milestone awards to your employees.

Stay up-to-date with modern times
Decades ago, when the Years of Service awards were first launched, they were deemed suitable for employees that had spent 30-50 years with an organization. But now, many employees are from the millennial generation, and considering their active socialising and job hunting online, the need to show them appreciation is much greater than it used to be. So, it is ideal that you celebrate yearly anniversaries with your employees, or perhaps, give them an award after the completion of their 3-year tenure.

Reward them generously
Do not be afraid to spoil your employees when it comes to fringe benefits and gifts. Employees who have stayed with your business over a long period of time need your appreciation and rewards to boost their morale. Loyalty is always boosted by tokens of appreciation. If your employees can enjoy being recognized and receiving gifts of appreciation, it will be a great reward to encourage their long-term employment.

Don’t forget the better halves. The family members of your employees are also a part of your business’s corporate family tree. So be sure to include them in your reward system. You see, if you expect your employees to put in more time and more hard work, you need to make up for the long work hours, missed dinner dates, anniversary dinners and birthdays. So be sure to consider making your highest rewards couple-oriented, or perhaps, centered on the enjoyment of the whole family.

Put on a big show
When giving out milestone achievement awards, it is ideal to make a huge deal out of it. You can always hold a formal gathering in the department, or go have an event for the award ceremony. Celebrations are wonderful motivators and they reinforce the values of an organization in the best of ways. They inspire the employees to value their organization, and to increase their commitment and dedication.

Announcing such awards in your internal corporate communications, social media and other public destinations is another way to show the appreciation and recognition of your employees’ achievements. Be a caring employer, and be sure to invite the better half to the celebration.

Promote your loyalty program in your employment brand
You can use the Years of Service program as a great tool for recruitment, and it can add a great deal of value to your employment brand. It will make it clear to prospective candidates that your organization is not looking for short-term fixes, but rather, you offer long-term career opportunities that will be rewarding for your employees. Make sure your program is visible and presented to all existing, prospective and potential employees.