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Safety Programs

Programs that will help ensure
employees are working safely

For decades, safety programs have been adopted by businesses, manufacturers, transportation companies and warehouses in order to make sure their activities are safe for their employees and all other people who come into contact with them. Such programs are specifically designed to bring about a marked reduction in accidents and OSHA incidents. However, at times, these preventive safety programs tend to demotivate employees about the hazards of on-the-job injuries and potential accidents. Naturally, a program that is scaring people will never give them the surety of safety.

At Promo Logic, we design programs that will enhance the safety measures taken by your organization through incentives and rewards. The idea is to encourage them and motivate them to report issues and instances that may compromise the safety of others, and your equipment & facility. We strive to ensure your employees and workers are not tempted to hide away their mistakes, technical glitches or accidents in order to maintain a flawless record and reap efficiency rewards.

Effective safety programs will drive your employees to perform efficiently and safely, and will promote a culture of safety and prevention within your organization. Safety Programs elevate safety concerns and encourage safe behaviour, and will prompt daily conversations about remaining safe at work. Our goal is to increase awareness for the need of safety.

We’ll work with your organization to provide efficient safety KPI tracking with the help of our innovative program management system. Be it on an enterprise level, inside a department, a factory site or a warehouse, our safety programs will help your organization enhance preventive measures within your facilities. And with the help of employee safety meetings in conjunction with your safety programs, you will ensure safety is on the minds of your employees.

What does the program have to offer?
• A custom program that is easy to use, adaptable and points-based. It will be designed to achieve the specific goals you have specified.
• Numerous reward items that cater to all interests.
• Efficient and effective management system.
• We handle all reward fulfilments. We provide both in-house and direct ship services.

Why does your organization need a safety program?
• Educate your employees on safety guidelines and inform them about the company KPIs.
• Promote an environment of essential compliance to all safety procedures within your organization.
• Motivate and encourage employees to reduce accidents, and take preventive care that can save you dollars and ensure the wellbeing of your workers.
• Improve the productivity of your business activity or production process.
• Bring about a marked reduction in litigation costs and insurance premiums.
• Bring a marked reduction in absenteeism rates.
• Promote a safety and prevention culture within your organization.
• Show concern for the health and wellbeing of your employees and boost their motivation.

Are you considering training your staff to encourage safety and prevention in their behaviors, and train them to safely use your equipment? Call us now, (866-903-5646) and allow us to design a effective and efficient safety program.