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Employee Retention

Inspire your employees to work hard and
commit themselves to your organization!

As an employee, the one thing that really matters to you is being recognized for your achievements, and reaping the necessary acknowledgment and rewards for your consistent hard work. However, as a manager, boss and owner, you may be hesitant to incur extra expenses that don’t bring in direct profits. Well, rewarding your employees has a lot to do with improving your profits and productivity.

Employee motivation can be achieved by recognizing the accomplishments and dedication of your employees. Rewarding them improves their engagement and productivity levels. When your employees are effectively engaged in the business activity, your business value will naturally increase and your organization will meet the goals and objectives it has set out to achieve.

How can employee recognition benefit your business?
Motivation and acknowledgments are proven to positively impact your employees. When they are anticipating your approval or rewards for a job well done, it promotes their diligence and efficiency.

Employee recognition can help you:
• Reduction in absenteeism rates and employee turnover
• Achieve improved levels of productivity
• Improved profits and financial performance
• Enhanced customer service

All you need in an Employee Recognition Program!
Over the years, Promo Logic has provided a diverse range of employee recognition program designs and management services that have proved productive for countless employers. Do you want to reduce the burgeoning absenteeism rate at your work place? Or perhaps, you just want to reward your employees for bringing in more clients or selling more equipment. We ensure your business objectives, employment brand, employee demographic, budget and the culture of your organization are well incorporated to your program design.

What does the Employee Recognition Program feature?
• A broad variety of gifts to cater to all interests, be it home decor, electronics, computing, hiking and camping, jewelry, and much more.
• Adaptable, customized, flexible programs that are very easy to use by management and employee alike.
• The unparalleled services of our experienced account team to guide and assist you with the management, design and administration
of the program.
• Expert and professional management of reward fulfilment with shipping directly to the employee.
• In-house customer care that will ensure any customer concerns are handled immediately and professionally.

Why should you reward your employees with an Employee Recognition Program?
Rewarding your employees can benefit your business in more ways than one. Here are some of the motivational behaviors that are driven by recognition
• Improved attendance
• Peer-to-Peer recognition
• Abidance to quality controls
• Excelling their potential and giving their best
• Improved overall employee performance