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Customer Appreciation

Beat the competition with
customer appreciation programs!

As an employee, the one thing that really matters to you is being recognized for your achievements, and reaping the necessary applause and reIn todays’ world, we have more options for nearly every product that we may possibly need. The competition is fierce, and your customers are constantly being distracted and tempted by newer competitors. In such a situation, getting customers and keeping them close is the best way to make sure they stay loyal and keep coming back.

We always have those old fashion customer service gimmicks; then some say that product or quality speaks for itself. Well, that is not enough by any means! You need to tempt your customers to get involved in your business, be it through text messages, social media or online orders; you need to make sure customers are always ready to evolve with your brand.

Do you want to drive up those sales and tempt your customers to shop at your outlet? Well, customer incentive programs are the best way to go about it. These incentives, sent through text messages or communicated through your social media destinations, will serve as attention grabbers, and bring in customers with every passing minute. Without doubt, customer incentive programs are the best way to generate revenue and promote brand loyalty.

Why Choose Us?
With customer incentive programs, quality is the supreme concern, and at Promo Logic we ensure that your quality is foremost. We present our clients a remarkable variety of rewards, including electronic equipment, travel opportunities, house décor and appliances, recreational items and much more. Tag Heuer, Simmons, Howard Miller, Sony, Samsung, DeWalt, Cuisinart and Dooney & Bourke are just a few names we have to tempt your customers.

What really sets us apart in the industry is the iconic and attractive design of our program. We always strive to add value to the program chosen by our clients by incorporating their marketing strategies and the culture of their organization. We don’t do a job that’s half done and not up to your quality standards. We make sure to understand the objectives of your marketing campaigns and the purpose of your business activity. The program we will create for your customers will be exclusive, unique and impressively apt.

With us, you can enjoy:

We provide effective and efficient program management which is designed to improve administration and simplify organization hierarchies to speed up reporting.

Our state of the art reward fulfilment system is unparalleled and we take extreme care in shipping reward items to your customers. How can you make customer incentives a part of your business plan?

There are several ways to reward your customers with exciting incentives. You can reward them for making purchases, visiting your restaurants or buying certain expensive items.

Some amazing ways to reward points include:
• Programs for bulk buyers
• Points-per-purchase
• Special promotions
• Featured products
• Frequent buyer programs
• Social media interactions
• Referrals to new customers
• Providing help in market research and surveys
And much more…

Do you want to boast your sales and encourage brand loyalty among your customers? Call us today, toll free, at 866-903-5646 and allow us to help you make the most out of your marketing strategies.